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Youth Leadership Academy

Summer Guidance Internships






The Program and Goal:

At the Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), our goal is to get our students to college and graduate.  YLA recognizes factors like being financially disadvantaged, being from a minority population, and having inexperience with college are barriers that can hinder our students.  According to the National Center of Education Statistics, more than 40% of students who start college drop out, and that number is 10-20% higher for minorities.  A key factor for our students to graduate from college is for our students to be confident in their major of study.  One of the most important things a student can do to graduate from college is to pick the right major: in an article from Newsweek on November 11, 2013, Kelsey Sheehy wrote, “Students who select a major that matches their interests are more likely to stick with it and finish their degree on time”.  


Our Internship Placement Program focuses on the potential careers of each student, and is structured for extensive mentoring and exploration.  In these internships, our students will acquire real work-life experience, along with crucial skills and resources that will serve them later in college, the community, and the future workplace.  The program is geared towards enhanced understanding of the inner workings of a particular profession for each student, as well as general understanding of the workplace overall. YLA will be partnering with Alignment Collaboration for Education to accomplish this goal.


For Companies:

  •  We are asking companies to not only give students a “job” but to advise them in their career choice.  

  • Please provide a one-page description of the position for the student, along with a suggested work schedule.


For Students:

  • Decide if you will serve 20 hours between June 3 and June 28, or if you will serve 60 hours between June 3 and August 2 to receive elective credit via school.

  • Should you decide to do elective credit, please know that this is not a guaranteed intern and you must compete for the position. 

  • Take a short survey before and after the program to provide feedback on your experience.

  • You must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) explaining the responsibilities of the hosting organization, YLA, and students once the host is selected.

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