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STEM Camp 2020

 A Virtual Camp


This year, our summer camp is a 2-week-long virtual camp consisting of computer programming, robotics, and a bit of reading during the weeks of June 29 - July 9.

Students who have participated in previous coding camps or have experience with coding should register for the advanced Python classes. Students who have attended robotics camps or who have been YLASER team members should register for advanced robotics. 


Participants in either coding or robotics will need to have the following to participate:

  • Computer (chromebook or windows or mac/apple)

  • Email address (student or parent email address)

  • Internet connection


The coding portion will teach students the basics of coding in the versatile, STEM-friendly language of Python. 

The robotics portion of the camp will introduce students to coding with robotics. Students will  program a virtual robot to do various missions using block coding.


There will also be a series of book conversations for middle school and high school cadets.  These conversations will be about a book related to STEM topics.  Each conversation will be about an hour per week.  Students will read sections of the book and discuss with a group.  There will be a $25 gift card for Barnes & Noble at the end of the book conversation series.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Select an option
Choose the classes you intend to take
Choose your Book Conversation:

Any YLA student who attends 90% of any YLA camp will be granted one session attendance.

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